About Grand Canyon Music
Grand Canyon Music* (GCM) brings high quality live music to Colorado Plateau residents and visitors alike. We value the natural beauty of the southwest landscape and the cultural roots of all who dwell there. Our music promotes these ideals in concert halls, public spaces, and in the private ceremonies and social gatherings of diverse families and clans.  

Sponsor a concert in your community
Enrich your wedding ceremony with live music
Add music to your outdoor experience
Find the right soundtrack for your social event

GCM currently features the Kaibab String Quartet, Plein Air Quartet, and associated trios and duos. We also contract or refer other musicians in the Flagstaff area. We specialize in classical concert bookings for your fundraiser, gallery opening, or community gathering and will bring live music to your wedding ceremony, family get-together, or social event at Grand Canyon, San Francisco Peaks, Sedona, or any place in between. Contact us here with your special request: Contact.

*Grand Canyon Music is a registered trademark of Malamute Ranch, LLC, and is not directly affiliated with the non-profit Grand Canyon Music Festival (GCMF). We are, however, enthusiastically supportive of GCMF and all of their endeavors.